Reliability is at the forefront of Kia vehicles, and purchasing a pre-owned one doesn't affect the quality of the vehicle. At our dealership in Gainesville, GA, customers deserve to experience the best. We extend our commitment to you by introducing buyers to the certified pre-owned process.

What Is Kia CPO?

A certified pre-owned Kia vehicle undergoes an incredible amount of changes to renew it back to its original status. Any previously faulty parts in the original vehicle are removed by Kia-certified technicians and replaced by parts from the original equipment manufacturer for the utmost reliance, but it doesn't stop here. Vehicles must also undergo an extensive multipoint inspection that is more rigorous than a new car inspection. Before final certification, the vehicle must undergo and pass a road test performed by our service team.

Benefits to Kia CPO

Although reliance is the biggest advantage to Kia CPO, there are several other advantages to the process. For example, guests who purchase a vehicle from the program receive a comprehensive bundle of warranties, highlighting our appreciation. Roadside assistance and a limited dealership warranty join the list of benefits, allowing drivers to enjoy additional perks while experiencing a smooth drive.

Additionally, drivers will likely save thousands of dollars with Kia CPO. With the reliance on a new Kia and discounted prices due to the vehicle being pre-owned, you can both save money and depreciation.

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Still have questions about the process? If so, visit our dealership today, and we'll show you the benefits of Kia CPO in person.

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