How to Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

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Rear Cross Traffic Alert

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How to Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

A Little Help Looking Over Your Shoulder

Kia understands the complex driving situations that sometimes confront drivers out there on the road, and rear cross traffic is an exceptionally difficult scenario for even the most experienced drivers. Sometimes there’s a true blind spot, other times streets are built so that they feel crowded, and just glancing over your shoulder isn’t going to be enough to allow you to safely handle this situation. Kia developed Rear Cross Traffic Alert to help drivers stuck in this situation, especially drivers who are facing a dangerous situation and won’t even know it until the alert.

How Does Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert Work?

Digital sensors on your vehicle are at the heart of this technology. As you’re backing up, Kia’s Rear Cross Traffic Alert will “sense” traffic that might be coming up behind you in your path. It utilizes the same sensors that are used by your rear backup camera. If you’re about to crash into a car behind you as you back up, you’ll get visual and auditory alerts that let you know, “Hey! Stop.” Rear Cross Traffic Alert is one of the most useful of all Kia safety measures, and it undoubtedly prevents many accidents annually.

Only some models of Kia come with Rear Cross Traffic Alert as a standard safety feature (higher trims are more likely to have this feature standard). Still other models will have this safety feature available as an optional feature or as part of an overall safety package that Kia might offer as an all-in-one package for extra with your “lower” trim. If you’re one of those drivers who dreads backing up when there might be coming behind you, then you’ll definitely want to get a vehicle with this feature! As time goes by, more Kia vehicles will have this feature as standard, but for now there are plenty of ways to make sure that this feature is included in your Kia package.

Learn More About Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Thousands of drivers will face the “rear cross traffic” scenario this year, and those lucky Kia owners with this feature will be able to avoid that costly and sometimes deadly accident. There’s no reason to face this difficult traffic situation on your own ever again. Thanks to Rear Cross Traffic Alert, drivers can get a very loud and vivid picture of the impending danger thanks to this safety measure available on select Kia vehicles. If you’ve wanted to have a car with this feature, there’s no better time than now. Many Kia vehicles are adding this as a standard feature to help warn drivers in difficult traffic scenarios. If you’d like to learn more about how Rear Cross Traffic Alert can help you avoid accidents and stay safe out there on the road, just contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you a live demonstration of Rear Cross Traffic Alert as well, when you come in to test drive your favorite Kia model at our dealership. Simply give us a call, write to us with questions, or stop by and test drive a Kia model with this feature available. We’ll be happy to take you out on the road and show you just how much Rear Cross Traffic Alert can help you in your everyday driving.

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