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Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia Is Your Source for Genuine Kia Parts in the Greater Atlanta Area

When your Kia requires new parts, come to Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia! We are proud to serve Kia drivers from Cascade Wood, McEver, and beyond, providing an exceptional selection of OEM and Kia-approved parts and fluids. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or you’re just looking to replace your windshield wiper blades, we have all the parts you need in our parts store. What’s more, our parts specialists will be glad to help you figure out exactly what your vehicle needs. Give us a call or contact us online. Then, head to Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia, serving Alpharetta, Cumming, and all over the greater Atlanta, GA area.


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Common Parts at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia

No matter what Kia car parts you are looking for, we probably have them in stock or can special order them for you, and if you’re looking for a less common part, we can order it for you!. If you live in the Gainesville or greater Atlanta area and need a part for your Kia, contact Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kiatoday! Our Parts Department is ready and willing to help you find what you need to keep your Kia in the best possible condition. Below, you will find some of the more common parts we offer, but this is just the beginning!

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Your Kia has a variety of belts and hoses that help it function as it should, including the serpentine belt, coolant hoses, and the timing belt. The hoses we carry at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia are guaranteed to provide years of use when we install them in your vehicle. They are backed by the Kia guarantee, just like all of the other car parts we have in stock.

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We carry all of the Kia filters you will need for your vehicle. Oil filters keep debris from getting to your engine through the oil, while fuel filters prevent sediment from entering through the fuel tank. The engine air filter blocks contaminants from entering the engine, while the cabin air filter makes sure that pollen, mold, and other things don’t get into your vehicle’s cabin.

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At Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia, we carry a wide selection of tires for all types of vehicles. From small cars to SUVs to full-size pickups, we have the type and size of tire you need to fit your vehicle. These tires have been manufactured by the most renowned tire makers in the world and designed to fit your Kia. All of our tires, no matter what brand, are backed by Kia’s award-winning guarantee.

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We also have in stock all of the fluids your vehicle needs in order to function properly. We carry oil (regular and synthetic), transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants, power steering fluid, and more. Whenever you bring your car in for regular maintenance, you can rest assured that we have the fluids and filters in stock to do the job for you.

Why Choose OEM Parts Instead of Aftermarket Parts?

Although the greater Atlanta, GA area may have a number of auto parts shops, most of them carry aftermarket parts. At Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia, we have only OEM and Kia-approved parts and fluids. The difference between the two types is bigger than you might think at first. Genuine Kia parts have either been manufactured by the factory or approved for use by Kia. This means that they have to meet the same stringent quality, safety, and longevity standards that Kia sets for all its components. The same is not true of aftermarket parts. Sure, many of them are high in quality, but many others aren’t. If you get the wrong aftermarket part, you may find that it doesn’t last as long, or doesn’t perform its job as well, thanks to lower-quality materials or manufacturing processes that cut corners to save a few bucks instead of meeting the desired quality.

OEM parts are also designed specifically to fit your Kia. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are often designed to fit as many vehicles as possible, sacrificing proper fitment. Genuine Kia parts also come with a warranty, which is not true of all aftermarket parts. And if you have genuine Kia parts installed at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s warranty will remain intact, even if the part ends up having a factory defect that damages your Kia.


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Want Kia Parts Installed? Schedule Service at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia

Certain part installations are easier than others, and even experienced shade tree mechanics often come to the pros for bigger or more involved jobs. If you would prefer to have genuine Kia parts installed for you, schedule a service appointment at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia. Our online service scheduler makes this easy! We look forward to seeing you at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia.

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