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How often should I really get my oil changed?


It can be hard to determine how often you truly need an oil change.  You might have your grandpa telling you “In my day, we had our oil changed every 3,000 miles,” and the maintenance technician saying, “Everyone should have their oil changed every 5,000 miles,” and all sorts of people telling you when you should do have this routine procedure performed on your car.  You want to keep it healthy and running optimally right?  Well here are some tips to help you determine the best time to get your oil changed and why it is so important to get it done regularly.


Over time, the oil in your engine start to break down and its consistency will change.  When this happens, it causes the oil to be less effective at preventing metal parts from rubbing together, causing more and more friction.  Motor oil I supposed to be thick and viscous for it to do its job properly and when it gets too thin, the friction from metal parts scraping each other can cause your engine to overheat and run less efficiently.


Sludge can also start build up in your engine.  When the oil breaks down it leaves behind risky remnants. These hazardous deposits are what eventually turn into sludge.  Once that sludge settles, it begins to block passageways that the oil must travel in order to lubricate the motor effectively.


You never want your car to run out of oil. If there isn’t any oil there to lubricate the metal pieces, they will eventually rub together, causing friction.  If there is no oil at all, that friction will heat the metal enough, causing it to eventually form together.  This is one of the worst things that can happen.  It leads to even more complicated (and expensive) problems, including the possibility of your engine seizing and not being able to run at all.


It is so easy to prevent all of these problems by simply getting your oil changed regularly.  You can check your Kia’s Car Manual to see when getting your oil changed is recommended.  Listen to your car manual and not all the other voices telling you when to change your oil, unless there is a leak or something that causes you to need an oil change sooner than you normally would.


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