Things To Do While Your Vehicle is Being Serviced

July 8th, 2019 by

Who isn’t busy in 2019? When is the last time you really had time to spare? No one wants to run mundane errands when they could be home living their best life or getting that to do list knocked off. Getting your vehicle serviced can be a time suck. We’ve stepped up the waiting game at Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia, so you can be productive while you wait. 

Things to Do While You’re Waiting for Your Vehicle to Be Serviced

Grind Out Your Work Task List

Bring your laptop, tablet, or just use your smartphone and put a dent in those emails! There’s no need to get behind on work just because you have to adult for a few hours. Grab a snack and a coffee and get a head start on your Monday. Our free Wi-fi won’t mind a bit!

Catch Up On That Book You’ve Been Neglecting

Whether you’re an avid reader in real life or just in your head, getting your vehicle serviced is a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. We’ve got comfy chairs and coffee, just bring your headphones and check out of adulting and into some R&R. 

Let Your Kiddos Play in the Kid’s Zone

If you think getting your vehicle serviced is boring, imagine what your four-year-old thinks about it. We have a fun and safe space for your minis to hang out. They can watch cartoons, play with toys and read books while you kick back and relax. 

Check Out Our Parts Department for Kia Upgrades and Custom Parts

Thinking of getting some new wheels? Or maybe you want that utility rack afterall. Head over to our parts department where you can browse items for your Kia and even pick yourself up a new fancy keychain. 

Make it a Day at the Park

No one says you have to sit around and wait for your service. Have a friend or spouse follow you to Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia and drop your vehicle off. Then head over to the nearby River Forks Park and enjoy some time by the water with your family. We’ll call you when your vehicle is done!Do

You Know About Our Service Specials?

Be sure to check out the Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia service and parts specials. Here you will find information on scheduled maintenance and the price points for each. It’s always nice to plan ahead for expenses like these. So stop by and see if you’re due for scheduled maintenance.


With so many things to do while you wait for your vehicle to get serviced there’s no reason to put that oil change off. Whether you are behind on emails, need to catch up on your favorite book, need a place for your kids to play or just want to be by the water, there’s plenty to do when it’s time to get your vehicle serviced. Come by Jim Shorkey Gainesville Kia and get productive, relax, spend time with family, entertain the kids or get outdoors while you wait. 


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